Who We Are


Exsiva Pharma is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical company in Hyderabad established in 2016. From research and development to production and export, we strive to make the world a better place by providing excellent pharmaceutical products to the people, all over the world. 


We have more than 50 brands which has been manufactured by GMP certified well renowned companies of India , We provide a big variety of medications to treat numerous conditions. Our Brands are ACFINE-SP,FEXIVA-M,CLARDOX-325,EASYCORT,ENZINA,ESOGAS-D,OTOVA,RAVOLA-20,FOROXIM,KETONEED,PCMAG-B6,TAZIVA-4.5 and many more.


For over 2 years, we’ve been bringing our clients the best possible products, services, and value. We provide a big variety of medications to treat numerous conditions. At Medipol, we know the needs of patients around the globe and do our best to have the remedies approved and manufactured as per their requirement.


 We are highly dedicated and committed to product quality medicines and focus all our energy on producing the best product in the market. We want Exsiva to stand for excellence and strive to become an example for others.


We build fruitful and long-lasting working relationships with our clients. We make it our goal to understand the challenges they face and to offer them the best possible solutions. We strive to turn their hopes into reality.


What We do


  Production Today Exsiva produces more than 50 generic products. Our team works with the most modern production facility and sophisticated laboratory equipment to create the highest-quality medication for treating a wide variety of conditions, from headaches to cardiovascular disorders

Distribution, Exsiva products are available in almost all the states of India. We distribute them through 7 distribution centers by which we manage our trade and institutional distribution network throughout India.

Import,Becoming a world-class pharmaceutical company in India is a challenge. We use all our resources to find the best materials and equipment in our country and beyond to create the highest quality products for our clients.

Export,Since our inception, we were catering to the demand of the domestic market and export. We were servicing domestic market directly but all our export was done by merchant exporters only.



Exsiva Pharma Private Limited

H. No. : 2-1-44/2, Plot No. : 2,
Lal Reddy Enclave, Macha Bolarum,

Hyderabad-500010, India

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